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Why Manufactured Housing?


Manufactured homes have changed significantly over the last couple of decades, and they’re no longer the cheap alternative to traditional homes. While they’re still affordable, due to a more efficient construction process, modern manufactured homes look virtually identical to traditionally built homes.


3 Reasons to Choose a Manufactured Home


1. Fast Construction: Building a custom home often takes at least a year, but thanks to the latest manufacturing processes, most manufactured homes are constructed in about a week.

2. Customization Options: Normally, if you want to pick your own floor plan, you have to hire a custom homebuilder, but when you work with Timberline Homes of Dothan, you get a custom home without the hassle.

3. Affordable Pricing: Traditionally, constructed and custom homes can cost several times more than manufactured ones. Avoiding construction complications and delays also saves you time and money.


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Chasity was the sales associate that helped me. I would like to say that as a new home buyer, she was extremely patient and helped me understand all the costs of the buying and setting up. She was wonderful. I would personally recommend talking to her if you have any questions about buying a mobile home.

Donna Enfinger